The History of Oates

The Oates family tree is deeply rooted in the flooring trade, with 3 generations worth of flooring contractors in our ranks, experience, honesty and family values are what lie at the core of our company’s morals.

As a family, we’ve been supplying and installing floors for over 50 years.

Starting with Jack & Andy Oates setting up shop together in the 1970’s and working as a father and son enterprise, the Oates name has been well established in the flooring industry for many years.

We decided in 2015 to take a step into the domestic flooring industry, we took a huge jump in to a large, Wakefield based showroom & warehouse, with the intention of establishing a strong reputation in the domestic market, all while running and developing our commercial business parallel to it.

Given the fantastic reception over the years for Oates Flooring & Blinds, our little business goes from strength to strength, focusing on customer satisfaction, incredible products and the trade of fair pricing for exceptional service.

Oates Flooring & Blinds offer up an unrivalled service experience, a deep and vast knowledge-base, valuing a casual yet professional experience from start to finish.