About Us

The Oates family tree is deeply rooted in the flooring trade, with 3 generations worth of flooring contractors in our roster, experience and honesty is what lies at the core of our company’s morals.

As a family, we’ve been laying floors for over 40 years, starting with Jack and Andrew Oates setting up shop together in the 1970’s and working as a Father and Son enterprise the Oates name has been well established in the flooring trade. In 2015, Andrew, Carole and, myself, Martin decided to take a step in a more domestic direction, from a primarily commercial business we moved to a central Wakefield location and opened our doors to the public. Thanks to our long history in the industry we have an enormous amount of knowledge regarding all elements of flooring.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for a new project, or something very specific a call, an email or a visit to us is always beneficial, we have strong ties to most major manufacturers, brands and distributors within the UK and Europe.


Being competitive is crucial for us, with our prices there are no hidden costs, no excessive extras and we offer a complementary measuring service on request to ensure that the job gets done to the best (and most cost effective!) standard possible.

Visiting our Services and FAQs page will give some answers to common questions asked, and give you an idea of what services and products we offer.